Solutions for our clients:
1.Establishing the concepts and customizing feasibility study together.
2.Calculating the rate of absolute benefit by our seasoned team.
3.Establishing the process of micro production cells and large-scale of turnkey plant.
4.Maximizing our recent production capacity and improving our product's operating reliability.

Technology establishment:
1.Simulating the equipments and optimizing our technology.
2.Researching and developing our technology together.
3.Ensure production capacity. 

Complete equipments' engineering
1.Professional project management
2.Competent interface management
3.Coordinating cooperation parties.
4.Compete information.
5.Assisting clients for preventing the interface's problem with the third parties.
6.Ensure cooperation parties.
7.Professional qualitative programming, budget management and construction period.
8.Cooperating with long-term parties and ensure invariable quality.

Automotive process 
1.Offering automotive technology from single source.
2.Guarantee unmanned operation.

1.Manufacture the key system part in our work
2.ISO certification (ISO 9001)
3.Apply to local users' regulation and standard
4.Mass production and cost optimization
5.Global sources-use concept
6.Shipping and logistics guarantee

Install and Debug
1.Professional construction site management
2.Coordinate participant parties even after commissioning
3.Minimize the time of installation and debugging
4.Clients training service.
5.Online technical support in commission

Customer Services
1.Out of warranty support
2.Fast and non-bureaucracy global support available.
3.Large amount of spare parts inventories, short lead-time.
4.Guarantee shortest repair time.