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EM series real-time control cold chamber die casting machine technical notes

BMC EM series real-time control cold chamber die casting machine is a perfect combination of propose &vertical intensification and accurate parameter calculation control system, which is first produced in China. Input cast and device’s relevant parameters, then machine will give you the optimal die-casting parameters. Aluminum liquid filling in the mould cavity display is to check the injection stroke parameter. Injection system can run according to the setting effectively, the speed can switch at the specified position; actual speed and required speed are highly close. Constant acceleration in slow speed phase, stage setting and high-speed injection end brake ,which give customer perfect die-casting experience.


1. Injection parameter calculation function: according to cast weight, scum riser weight and pouring basin area etc,we can get slow shot speed and stroke, fast shot speed and stroke ,other die-casting parameters. It can avoid the error due to operate by worker’s experience.

2.Injection pressure, speed, position curve display function: data is collected precisely at 1ms interval which can clearly show the pressure, speed, position during injection process.The curve can be amplified, moved and measured precisely. You can store, inquire and print the curve. The curve can be set and monitored. You can store 8000 times curve to trace quality. According to the standard curve set and parameters curve display, you can clearly check the injection system’s stability and homogeneity, and you can amply, move and measure the curve precisely to find out the injection system’s trouble point.

4. Injection process performance improvement function: high precision proportional valve mounted at the injection cylinder outlet .And equipped with high quality industrial computer, non-contact magnetic positional transducer for stroke detection . We can achieve the following functions:

 Constant acceleration can be controlled during slow speed,which can avoid air trap at the start of injection to reduce porosity problem.

Easily achieve the high speed which greatly reduces the time from slow shot to fast shot. It meets the ideal process requirements. It gives better control of molten metal filling time to make sure better product better formed.And the surface quality improves greatly and minimize the internal porosity.

Due to the set value of shot speed is absolute value, the proportional valve can adjust the degree of opening according to the external conditions automatically. So the injection runs stably without repeat parameters-set adjustment. It can reduce the fluctuation of product quality.

5.Monitoring machine parameters function: The latest display 50 die-casting parameters curves can record and display the key parameters, such as: slow speed and its stoke,high speed and its stroke, speed rising time, injection pressure, accumulator pressure drop and production cycle. It make you easier to monitor the injection system’s stability and homogeneity.


 6.Mould volume display function: according to the set stroke to display aluminum filling state in the mould cavity, so you can test the injection parameters set which achieves the field monitoring .You can adjust timely when the injection parameters deviate. The production efficiency and quality can be greatly improved and cost can be reduced greatly.


5.2 BMC propose & vertical intensification system introduction

The injection system is the heart of die-casting machine, traditional machine use floating-piston type intensification ,double circuit, 3 phase injection. But the floating-piston belong to passive closure which leads to long pressure build-up time relatively. Modern die-casting machine’s pursuit is shorter pressure build-up time,especially for magnesium alloy. Magnesium alloy’s cooling time is short which shorter pressure build-up time to ensure the quality.


Prepose & Vertical intensification means put the intensification cylinder on the injection manifold, and the intensification cylinder is perpendicular to the injection cylinder. The new system has the advantage such as, faster injection, shorter pressure build-up time and  high speed -power filling. It improves the quality of die-casting machine greatly and stable, especially for locking force above 500t machine.